With a background in Open Architecture and working within the confines of Publicly Funded Budgets, STS360 offers Video Management Software for a variety of applications; from specifying a simple facility installation to the design and mass deployment of a system across Municipalities, Districts, and Satellite Offices 

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Video Management Systems (VMS) play a crucial role in enhancing video surveillance capabilities.
They are software solutions designed to efficiently manage, control, and analyze video footage captured by surveillance cameras. Here are some key ways in which Video Management Systems help improve video surveillance:

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Centralized Management

Video Management Software centralizes the management and monitoring of video feeds from multiple cameras across different locations. This enables more effective auditing of users and permissions levied across personnel.


Scalability and Flexibility

An ideal solution is scalable; allowing for the addition of new cameras while offering flexibility in supporting a wide range of camera models beyond the VMS's manufacturer family, i.e. Brand A works on Brand B in core functionality.

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Integration with Other Systems

STS360 works with solutions that support the integration of other security systems, such as access control systems, intrusion alarm, and fire detection; allowing for triggers by other systems to be correlated with video footage for better incident investigation and response.


Remote Accessibility & Management

Modern VMS platforms offer remote access capabilities, allowing authorized users to view live or recorded video feeds from any location using internet-connected devices; enabling security personnel to manage surveillance operations when not physically present on-site.

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Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Real-time monitoring analytics and rules of detection trigger alerts or notifications when predefined events occur; increasing the quantity of cameras simultaneously monitored and reducing response times.


Video Recording and Storage

The best solutions optimize storage via adjusting video quality, frame rates, and compression settings while also offering intelligent storage management, such as automatic video archiving and retention policies.

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Faster Video Search & Analytics

VMS platforms offer robust search functionalities, enabling users to quickly retrieve specific video clips based on various search criteria, including time, location, or object attributes. Built-in or Integrated Analytics Platforms greatly improve this functionality.


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