With 18 years of experience working in the IP Video Surveillance Industry, STS360 has watchfully observed the evolution of Video Analytics growth from what seemed a dream during the analog CCTV era to basic expectation in products offered by today's Surveillance Camera Manufacturers.  

Video Analytics are here, widely available, and pushing the bleeding-edge of limitations in processing video footage captured every day. STS360 knows this, because we are working hand-in-hand with end-user operators to set parameters and automate alerts on recorded and live video. 


Below are a few basic features of video analytics that STS360 has customized directly with Operators.

Customizations have been implemented from the device-level to full platform installations ranging anywhere from a handful of cameras to entire metro areas.

Analytics Objects

Object and Activity Recognition

Analytics can automatically detect and recognize specific objects or activities within video footage. For example, they can identify vehicles, weapons, license plates, or certain behaviors such as a person hiding an object or engaging in suspicious movements. These automated detection capabilities can assist investigators in identifying critical evidence that might have otherwise been missed during manual review.

Fast Search

Enhanced Search Capabilities

Video analytics enable advanced search functionalities within large video datasets. Investigators can use various parameters such as specific timeframes, locations, objects, or even specific individuals' appearances to search for relevant footage. This capability significantly increases the efficiency of video examination, enabling officers to find key evidence quickly.


Task-Efficient Investigation

Video analytics can help streamline the investigative process by automating certain tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming for investigators. Rather than manually reviewing hours of footage, analytics can assist in identifying relevant portions of the video, specific events, or suspicious activities. This saves valuable investigative time and allows officers to focus on analyzing critical evidence.

facial rec

Identification and Tracking

Video analytics, including facial recognition technology, can aid in identifying and tracking individuals of interest. By comparing faces captured in the video against databases of known individuals, law enforcement can quickly identify potential suspects or persons involved in criminal activities. This can help in narrowing down leads and accelerating the investigation process.


Event Reconstruction

Analytics can facilitate the reconstruction of events captured in video footage. By synchronizing multiple camera angles and using algorithms to analyze the sequence of actions or movements, investigators can gain a comprehensive understanding of a particular incident. This enables them to establish timelines, determine the order of events, and provide accurate visual representations of the crime scene, strengthening the overall case

Witness Corroboration

Corroborating Testimony and Supporting Evidence

Video analytics can provide objective and unbiased evidence that can corroborate witness testimonies or other forms of evidence. This strengthens the reliability of the case by providing visual documentation of the events as they unfolded. Additionally, analytics can help in analyzing the consistency of statements and identifying any discrepancies.


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