Intelisite protects your property from unwanted intruders by using industry-leading analytics, cutting edge surveillance hardware, live Proactive Video Monitoring, and quick police dispatch ensuring criminals are detected early and deterred before they can commit an unlawful act.

Intelisite Surveillance Technology

Key Intelisite PVM Features

Live Talk Down

Deter crime before it happens! Our techs can speak directly to intruders to talk them down with a live personalized audio warning.

Quick Police Dispatch

If the intruders persist, our live monitoring specialists can alert the authorities & have them dispatched to your location in record time.

Easy to use App

The Intelisite App is easy to use and keeps you connected to your property and our team no matter where you are in the world.

Built for Your Business

Keep your business safe by detecting and preventing crime before it happens.



Critical Infrastructure

Oil + Gas

Self Storage

Power Plants


and more...

Intelisite PVM in Action

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