STS360 has deployed Access Control on over 20,000 doors, aided in the categorization of personnel data, and consolidated a wide variety of clientele of different needs into new systems. We have helped plan, design, and facilitate migrations from proprietary to open architecture systems and physically implemented panels and hardware across municipalities, large non-profit organizations, school districts, and more.


Access Control is a critical component of modern security management systems. By effectively controlling who can access specific resources, organizations can ensure the protection of sensitive data, prevent unauthorized entry, and maintain the integrity of their operations. The applications can be as tight as managing Clearance level's access to physical files, or simply keeping a muster record to track facility occupancy over the course of a day, week, or year.

Physical Security Items

Enhanced Physical Security

Regulating entry into restricted areas by deploying access control mechanisms, such as card readers or turnstiles, permit only authorized personnel, such as IT administrators and high-ranking executives, to gain entry; safeguarding valuable equipment, confidential information, and sensitive discussions.


Protection of Sensitive Data

Consider electronic health records contain highly confidential patient information. By employing access control, hospitals can restrict access to staff who are directly involved in patient care, mitigating the risk of unauthorized data breaches and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

monitored access

Integration with Video Surveillance

Access control can be integrated with video surveillance. Retail stores face challenges with shoplifting and inventory theft. By combining access control with strategically placed surveillance cameras, store owners can live-monitor access activities and capture video evidence to identify potential culprits.


Emergency Response and Lockdowns

Schools prioritize safety and must be prepared for emergencies. Access control systems help facilitate lockdown procedures swiftly. In the event of a security threat, school administrators can activate a centralized lockdown, securing the entire campus and protecting students and staff from potential harm.

badge swipe

Prevention of Unauthorized Entry

Consider a university's research lab. By implementing access control through biometric authentication or key card systems, the university can ensure that only approved researchers and faculty members have access, protecting intellectual property and sensitive experiments.


Visitor Management Regulation

The hospitality industry relies on access control systems for efficient visitor management. Consider a luxury hotel that hosts high-profile guests and events. By implementing access control at the main entrance, the hotel can screen and regulate visitor access, ensuring a safe and exclusive experience for its guests.

time clock

Time and Attendance Management

Access control systems manage time and attendance. Large manufacturing plants often face challenges in tracking employee hours accurately. With credential scanning, companies can efficiently record employee entry and exit times, streamlining payroll processes, and reducing time theft.


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