STS360 is a Texas-based Security Company with a recognized history of serving the Public Sector's State, Local, and Educational physical security needs. We have earned a reputation for undertaking large-scale projects/deployments, boosting innovation among manufacturer partners, connecting end users directly with developers, embracing emerging security technologies, and delivering unique, holistic solutions to our clientele.



The Mission

STS360 wants to be the leading Open Architecture Security Integrator in the Safe City and Public Safety space in Texas and expand our products nationwide. While many integrators can build out projects, our mission is to not only implement them but establish a relationship with our clients that depends strictly on the trust and quality of our services. Therefore, we aspire to be a company of intellectual strength and ethical core values.


The Vision

Our vision is to be the best-in-class security services provider nationally and be recognized for the highest customer satisfaction. Innovative designs, intellectual personnel, advanced technology access, timely completion of projects, and demonstrating the highest standards of workmanship will help us achieve our mutual objectives between end users, manufacturers, and distributors.


Growth Driven

With our team specializing in end user convenience, our company has reached $100 million of construction value on more than 1000 projects since inception in 2005. However, we recognize that our most significant achievement is the happy customers and employees we have. To make that happen, we continue to improve upon developing STS360 into a rewarding company to work with, as well as place to work.



Bobby Khullar


Bobby had a successful career in Federal contracts and IT. Seeing the increased need for IP Security Products, Bobby built STS360 from the ground up in 2005. With keen knowledge of IT and government contracts, and the firm dedication of his carefully assembled team, he rapidly grew STS360 by leading with IP technologies in a time when analog technology still dominated the market. For 18 years, STS360 continues to be a leader in the security public sector market with Bobby at its helm.


John Hoffman


John Paul Hoffman, a security industry veteran of 17 years, worked through the ranks to Executive Vice President where he assists in managing STS360 while actively running his sales team. He maintains the Texas Security Integrator market by cultivating relationships among Texas State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Towns, School Districts, and manufacturers. John is well known for his availability and willingness to consult on the industry. Heavily certified in security technology, versed in installation requirements, and customer devoted, his clientele confidently rely on his guidance.


Jose Garza


Jose Garza has been in the IT sector for over 25 years, working in both Private and Public Sectors. As CTO, he is responsible for maintaining the level of quality of IT Services provided by STS360 as well as ensure STS360 is operating at the latest industry standards. As COO, Jose overseas the Company's Service and Project Teams. Jose Garza is 3-time Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) in routing and switching. Jose Garza is also holds Microsoft, CompTIA, and HP Certifications. He has also worked to  provide Cybersecurity Solutions assessments to the Public and Private Sectors.


Jose Avina


Over a decade of experience has Jose Avina managing the physical implementations of STS360 Projects. A Certified Level 3 Alarm and Fire Auditor, Jose joined STS360 to run the company's onsite operations initially with the Safe City Program. Jose has risen to manage several team schedules and he quality controls installations of his team leads and technicians. Setting the bar of standards for field execution of cabling, mounting, and proper field etiquette, his patience, integrity, and respect have earned him a reputation for excellence by end users and employees alike.


Bryan Schmode

Bryan Schmode


Bryan Schmode, an industry veteran, and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field of security and technology, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to STS360. His background in creating and leading companies in developing and implementing cutting-edge security and technology solutions aligns perfectly with STS360's mission to provide state-of-the-art security, technology, and value-added services to its clients. Bryan Schmode has held several key positions in prominent technology and security firms, where he has been recognized for his innovative approach and leadership skills. His appointment to the STS360 Advisory Board is a testament to his reputation in the industry and his commitment to excellence.



STS360 is licensed by the State of Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau. STS360 is a Class B licensed Security Contractor. We are able to provide consulting, design, installation, support, alarm, access control and related security technologies. All employees are required to participate in continuing education, have fingerprints on file, and undergo extensive background checks. They are also checked against sex offender registries prior to being approved for their individual licenses. 


STS360 is licensed to provide fire alarm systems by the State of Texas Department of Insurance’s State Fire Marshal’s Office. STS360 is an Alarm Certificate of Registration licensed firm which allows us to engage in the business of planning, certifying, leasing, selling, servicing, installing, monitoring and maintaining fire detection systems.



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