STS360 Offers Next Generation Perimeter Detection Systems

STS360 Revisiting roots in the Criminal Justice Correctional Sector.

Collaborating with Gallagher, an intelligent perimeter manufacturer offering several sustainable solutions in the Security and Fencing Space, STS360 offers the Correctional Market a cost reduction in barbed and razored wire standby's while providing actionable, humane perimeter detection using smart sensors and high-tension cabling systems.

Surveillance and Sunshine Equal Security

STS360 has Qualified Reliable Solar Trailers for You!

Construction sites, parking lots, school events... These are all places you may have seen a solar panel powered trailer with cameras, horns, or other devices planted for added security. STS360 offers high-quality Intelisite Brand Mobile Surveillance Trailers (MST's) with customizable packages and remote app access. Reach out to learn why leasing these trailers is better than one-off rentals.

STS360 Safe City Initiative

2024 sees STS360 continue to unify Safe City Solutions across the State of Texas.

Our Safe City Initiative is founded on the secure unification of Public and Private Sector Entities’ surveillance utilities for faster response times via Real Time Crime Centers, community engagement, and resource reallocation. Let us integrate and connect your City into a Centralized Enterprise Solution providing Video, Access Control, Analytics, Intrusion, Command Centers and beyond.

safe city surveillance sts360

Are You Smart Sensor Secured?

STS360 is providing the latest best of breed, low-profile, smart security sensors.

Use the HALO Smart Sensor to detect vapes with and without THC, sound changes, air quality, and chemicals at the molecular level, drastically reducing false alarms while specifying alarm type. Use the Guardian Indoor System, a 180° Infrared Monitor combined with audio sensors identifies gunshots and when integrated with your Security System, track the path of the active shooter in real-time throughout the facility.

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Special Education Senate Bill 507

To protect vulnerable children while they’re learning, the State of Texas passed Senate Bill 507. Audio and video surveillance is now required, upon request, in bathrooms and SPED classrooms at the expense of already under-funded districts. STS360 has the perfect solutions to fit your budget; all are available on our BuyBoard and DIR contracts.

Special Education Bill 507


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We offer our clients FREE system planning, design, and engineering services. Get more ROI from your security budget by using STS360 instead of expensive consultants. Whether your scope is simple or complex - you're covered with STS360.

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Accountability, transparency, quality, flexibility, and integrity are the hallmarks of our project management practices. All projects are assigned a project manager and inside coordinator who are dedicated to meeting your scope, schedule, and budget.

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True turnkey systems are designed, managed, installed, and commissioned as fully ready to operate. Our team of technical engineers & project managers have provided true turnkey solutions for single projects in excess of $36 million.


You can easily get it all at STS360 with Cooperative Contracts — we offer the most diverse range of products and services on DIR and BuyBoard! Our staff are factory-trained and certified-specialists on the solutions we provide.

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Don’t settle for less than 24x7x365 LIVE access to your security contractor.

STS360 has a team of security staff on-call throughout day and night ready to address any concerns that may arise.

We understand and value the urgent needs of our clients.